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At a Glance

Business value

Enabling the Switch To Relatives feature offers the following advantages:

  • End-users can quickly navigate from one variant of a document to another, as illustrated by the following examples:
  • Immediately find the right version of the documentation for a specific product.
  • Technical documentation is often available in English. When translations in other languages are available, the Switch To Relatives feature helps end-users become aware of all existing translations.
  • End-users can easily compare two (or more) different versions of a document.

Feature overview

The Switch to Relatives feature makes it possible to quickly switch from one variant of a document to another by selecting metadata values from a menu in the Title bar of the Reader page.

Switch to Relative, the dropdown


The functionality relies on two different kinds of metadata, both of which must be present in the content itself:

  • The pivot metadata that must have the same value throughout the document set.
  • The switch metadata that will be used as menu entries.

Users with the ADMIN or PORTAL_ADMIN user role can define both types of metadata.


The following example shows how the Switch to Relatives feature can allow end-users to switch between the same document in different languages:

Switch to Relatives based on language

Enable and configure the Switch to relatives feature

The following topics provide more information about enabling and configuring the Switch to relatives feature: