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At a Glance

Rating at a Glance

Business value

Enabling the rating feature offers the following advantages:

  • End-users can engage with content and suggest improvements.
  • Content managers can align priorities with what users truly need.
  • End-users enjoy a better product experience thanks to up-to-date and relevant product information.

Feature overview

The rating feature is configurable as follows:

  • Enable rating at the document level and/or at the topic level.
  • Select different types of rating based on content metadata: thumbs up/down, stars, yes/no question.

Analytics data provides insights into top-rated content, lowest-rated content, etc.


The following prerequisites must be met in order for an end-user to be able to rate content:

  • An administrator must assign the RATING_USER role to the user (can be a default role).
  • During the beta testing phase, an administrator must also assign the BETA_USER role to the user.

set the Rating_User role


Rating in Action

Enable and configure the rating feature