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Offline at a Glance

Offline mode makes the Fluid Topics experience available without a network connection. This can be vital when no network is available due to security reasons or when accessing the application in remote areas or in degraded conditions.

Business value

Whether to limit data usage or to work outside of a network coverage area, using Fluid Topics in Offline mode offers the following advantages:

  • Use the same Fluid Topics portal to read content both online and offline.
  • Enjoy a consistent and seamless reading experience.
  • Eliminate the need to create static PDF files.

Feature overview

Once activated for a Fluid Topics portal, Offline mode requires the end-user to create collections of documents and activate a toggle to make them accessible offline. The collections are synchronized on any device while a network connection is available. Once offline, the synchronized documents are available along with search filters and Bookmarks. If a content administrator updates a document during an offline session, the updated document will automatically synchronize as soon as a network connection is available.

Collection management


  • Offline mode is a premium feature. Please contact a Fluid Topics sales representatives for further details.
  • Offline mode is available to users with the OFFLINE_USER role.
  • End-users must install the offline mode extension on their browser.
  • The following browsers support Offline Mode: Chrome, Mozilla, Safari.

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