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At a Glance

Business value

Markdown is a common documentation language due to its ease of use and accessibility.

While development teams often use Markdown to document code, it is usually located in different silos, wikis, and ad hoc locations, making it difficult to access and share. The Markdown to Fluid Topics (MD2FT) tool centralizes distributed content in Fluid Topics making it a perfect part of Continuous Integration systems.

Although you can publish Markdown content manually to Fluid Topics, the MD2FT tool helps automate the process.

The MD2FT tool provides the following services to Markdown users:

  • Publish content easily to Fluid Topics.
  • Provide easy access to content in multiple locations (wikis, GIT repositories).
  • Allow non-technical writers to publish and share content. Additional people creating content helps free up technical writer team resources.

Feature overview

MD2FT is a Python module that performs the following tasks:

  • Collects the Markdown files.
  • Processes the Markdown files to create the FTMap and set metadata values.
  • Creates a ZIP archive.
  • Uploads the ZIP archive to the Fluid Topics portal through the FTML connector.

After execution, Fluid Topics:

  • Opens the ZIP archive.
  • Processes the Markdown files based on the FTMap.
  • Publishes the Markdown content.


The list of sources in the Fluid Topics portal must include FTML.

Using the MD2FT tool requires some Linux command line knowledge.

Enable and configure the MD2FT tool

Information about enabling and configuring the md2ft tool is available in the Markdown to Fluid Topics Technical Note.


Similar to other "At a glance" and "How-to" documents on this portal, this document was written in Markdown and published automatically using the MD2FT tool.

Content creators can achieve similar results with the MD2FT tool.