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Markdown Connector Reference Guide

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The Markdown connector looks for the following metadata for each map attachment:

  • The attachment's originId, or its unique identifier in FT.
  • The attachment's filename as it appears when downloading the attachment in the UI.
  • The attachment's displayName as it appears when seeing the attachment in the UI.
  • The attachment's mimeType.

For example:

"ft:originId": "ft_logo"
"filename": "FTlogo.png"
"displayName": "Fluid Topics logo"
"mimeType": "image/png"

For each <filename> file in the attachment_dir directory, the Markdown connector looks for an accompanying <filename>.yml file. The <filename> includes the attachment's extension.

If found, the connector applies the metadata in the YAML file to the <filename> file.

If any metadata is missing, the Markdown connector tries to infer it.