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MadCap Flare Connector Reference Guide

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It is necessary to configure MadCap Flare before publishing content through the MadCap Flare connector.

  1. Under the Project tab, select Primary Target.

    Make sure that there are no spaces in the target name.

  2. In the General tab, set HTML5 as Output Type, and set an Output Folder.

    Do not modify the Primary TOC and Output File fields.

  3. Open the Skin tab, and select (none) whenever this option is available. If the (none) option is not available, select the (default) option instead.

  4. Open the Advanced tab, and select the following options:

    • Replace reserved characters with underscores in filenames
    • Use lowercase filenames
    • Add content to head
    • Stylesheet Medium: (default)
    • Template Page: (default)

Fluid Topics only supports .htm and .html as file extensions for MadCap Flare topics. Do not use another file extension in the Use custom file extension for topics box.