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Technical Notes

This server event occurs when a query using a generative AI profile is completed.

This event contains the following fields:

Field Description
durationMs The amount of time it took to reply to the query. The duration is expressed in milliseconds.
parameters The optional parameters for the query. The parameters are expressed as key/value pairs.
profile The generative AI profile used for the query.
    id The generative AI profile's id.
    name The generative AI profile's name.
    customPrompt The custom prompt of the generative AI profile.
queryId The query's unique identifier.
result The response to the query.
  • The most commonly returned HTTP status codes are 200 when authenticating successfully and 401 if invalid credentials are detected.

A table for the most common fields is in Analytics events.


        "appVersion": "4.3.30",
        "contentLocale": "en-US",
        "datetime": 1713752006192,
        "id": "03d70bff-9977-45c6-8cbd-b2cc9fd19d9c",
        "name": "gen_ai.completed_query",
        "offline": false,
        "structuredParameters": {
            "durationMs": 1174,
            "parameters": {
                "param1": "value1",
                "param2": "value2"
            "profile": {
                "id": "3095337e-213f-430c-838d-5a03d2a8e853",
                "name": "Suggested keywords",
                "customPrompt": "My custom prompt"
            "queryId": "5696aaf2-3873-4c10-bdea-8a5647f83c9e",
            "result": "The genAI response"
        "sessionId": "d8af1763-020f-40bc-a475-b1cfa9658153",
        "tenantId": "documentation-docft-stable",
        "uiLocale": "en-US",
        "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36",
        "userGroups": [
        "userId": "1960ea90-0c16-465e-8857-6c5a5607a75b",
        "userIp": "",
        "userRoles": [
        "version": "v0.1"