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How To


It occurs that some topics are part of printed document sets but do not include information directly related to the core subject. For example, a legal notice does not include product-related information. Such topics can pollute search results.

Content managers with the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN role can filter on metadata to achieve the following outcome:

  • Topics with a defined metadata appear in the document's table of contents when users view the document in the Reader page.
  • Topics with a defined metadata do not appear in search results.
A topic hidden from search results cannot be accessed through its Pretty URL. However, it can be accessed through its canonical (original) URL.


It is possible to filter search results based on metadata as follows:

  1. Select a metadata value to assign to topics to be excluded from search results.
  2. Submit a request via the Fluid Topics Help Desk asking the support team to create a filter in the legacy Back Office based on the metadata.
Sometimes, content managers cannot republish content with the new metadata values because they do not have time, there is too much content, or the source material is no longer available. In this case, use either the Enrich and Clean feature or the update-metadata web service to update the new metadata value based on existing metadata.