Activate or deactivate an alert - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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By activating an alert, users can choose to receive an e-mail notification when content matching their search criteria is added or changed.

Content is considered to be new or updated when the value of its ft:lastEdition metadata is later than the last alert check.

It is possible to activate an alert in the following ways:

  • Select a check box in the Activate alert section of the Save current search dialog:

    The 'Save current search' panel. At the bottom, there is a highlighted section with a checkbox to 'Activate alert' with the option to 'Receive weekly e-mails if content matching search criteria is added or changed'

  • Activate a toggle in the My Library > Searches interface:

The saved searches menu. There is a saved search with a highlighted 'Alert' toggle switched on.

The following image shows a saved search that a user has added with an alert, which is indicated by the Alert icon:

The saved searches side panel in the Search results page. There is an active saved search.

  • Alerts are automatically triggered every Monday at 4am UTC.
  • Alert e-mails are limited to one hundred (100) results. If an alert contains over one hundred updated document, only the first hundred results are displayed.