Create a collection - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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Authorized users can create a Collection in the following ways.

Create a Collection in the Collections tab of the My Library interface

  1. Select the Create button to display the Create a collection window:

    A dialog box for creating a collection. There are two text fields: one labeled 'Title' and one labeled 'Description', both of which are empty. Below these fields, there is a 'Color' section with seven color options in circles. At the bottom, there are two buttons: 'Cancel' and 'OK'.

  2. Enter a title (mandatory).

  3. Add a description (optional).

  4. Select a color (optional).

  5. Select OK.

This creates a static collection.

Colors are helpful when sorting collections by category.

Create a Collection in the Search page

It is possible to save all content returned in a list of search results as a Collection. This creates a swift collection. For details, see Save a search.