Create a bookmark - Fluid Topics - 4.3

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Opening the Topic shortcut menu and selecting the Bookmark button displays the Bookmark drawer, as follows:

Bookmark creation panel. There is a field labeled 'Enter a name' (labeled as 1). The 'Location' section (labeled as 2) below displays the hierarchical path of the topic. In the 'Choose a color' section (labeled as 3), several colored circles are present. At the bottom, there are two buttons: 'Cancel' on the left and 'Save' on the right.


  1. A field to modify the title of the bookmarked topic.

  2. The path of the bookmarked topic with its original title.

  3. A selection of a colors to group bookmarked topics by theme.

Depending on the portal's configuration, the Bookmark icon may be available as a quick action button next to the topic's title. In this case, it is possible to create a bookmark without opening the Topic shortcut menu.