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Fluid Topics Quick Start Guide

Technical Notes

Fluid Topics offers an extensive range of functionalities for dynamic content publishing.

Content writers and managers can benefit from:

  • A turnkey documentation portal easily customizable to fit a brand's identity visual identity thanks to a WYSIWYG Page Designer,
  • Connectors to collect all type of content, regardless of the source and format,
  • Vocabularies and metadata administration tools to improve content findability,
  • Advanced access right management to secure access to different users and user groups,
  • Dedicated content analytics to track content usage.

Users will enjoy:

  • A comprehensive documentation portal, available online and offline,
  • A powerful search engine to get fast and easy access to information,
  • A versatile Reader page for an optimized user experience across all types of devices,
  • A complete set of engagement features for feedback, rating, bookmarking, and personal book creation.

Below is a graphic representation of the core components of Fluid Topics:

  The following video is an overview of the Fluid Topics content delivery platform: