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Fluid Topics Quick Start Guide

Technical Notes

Using the Enrich and Clean feature, it is possible to standardize metadata.

If different content publishers spelled an author's name in different ways, finding the author's content becomes tedious.

In this example, the author is Alan Smithee, and the name of the author has been spelled in the following ways:

  • Alan Smithee
  • Allen Smithee
  • Alan Smithy
  • Allen Smithy

In this case, every variation of the name becomes a filter and a tag, although the name refers to the same author.

To standardize metadata values, proceed as follows:

  1. Add a new vocabulary.

  2. Declare Allen Smithee, Alan Smithy, and Allen Smithy as synonyms of Alan Smithee.

  3. Upload the CSV vocabulary file.

  4. Add an Enrich and Clean rule by selecting the New rule button.

  5. Select the Author metadata.

  6. Select the vocabulary file with the synonyms of Alan Smithee.

  7. Name the generated metadata, for example Author_cleaned.

  8. Select the Create button.

  9. Select the Save button.

  10. Select the Reprocess button.

  11. Go the Homepage section of the Portal tab in the Administration menu.

  12. Select the Search tab.

  13. Add the Author_cleaned metadata under the Select and order facets section.

  14. Select the cogwheel icon next to Author_cleaned, and rename the facet Author.

  15. Select the Save button.

Once the reprocessing over, all content published with Alan Smithee, Allen Smithee, Alan Smithy, or Allen Smithy as an author is under the Allan Smithee name.