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Custom and Custom (page) components allow developers to run HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code edited in the Fluid Topics interface. Developers can publish these components publicly.

Live and Live (page) components also allow developers to run HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, but from a local HTTP server. Developers cannot publish these components publicly. Developers can convert Live components to Custom components for public use. See Live component procedure.

Custom (page) and Live (page) components can access the current page's metadata when using pagination. They are otherwise identical to Custom and Live components.

As for all components, only one person at a time should edit a Custom component to avoid conflicts.

PORTAL_ADMIN users can only edit Custom components if an ADMIN user has disabled the Page designer toggle.

  • By default, Live components do not appear in published designed pages. Developers can display Live components in published designed pages locally by adding ?version=draft at the end of a URL.
  • The Custom component screencast also contains information about configuring a Custom component.