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This web service allows users with the ADMIN role to create a generative AI profile.

For more information about generative AI profiles, see Generative AI.

Method Endpoint
POST /api/admin/ai/profiles

Request example

  "name": "summarize",
  "profileId": "summarize",
  "apiKey": "XXX",
  "customPrompt": "Can you write a concise and comprehensive summary of {topic}? The topic is formatted using HTML. Ignore the HTML formatting and focus on the actual text.\n\nYou must begin your message by \"Hi {name}!\".\n\nYou must be concise. Your message should be shorter than the original topic."
Field Type Required? Description
name String Yes The name of the profile.
profileId String Yes The profile ID of the profile.
apiKey String Yes The API key for the LLM provider.
It is only possible to create an Open AI profile.
customPrompt String Yes The LLM prompt. The prompt can contain variables. Variables are surrounded by single curly brackets. Users can set the values of variables when using the Query a language model (LLM) web service.

Response body

    "id": "7ed9433f-af15-40df-8f32-15beddce37df",
    "name": "summarize"
Field Type Description
id String The unique identifier for the profile.
name String The name of the profile as set in the request.
Return code Description
200 OK The web service returns a stream of server-side events in JSON format.
401 UNAUTHORIZED Authentication failed on chosen large language model provider.

For a comprehensive list of all possible return codes, see Return codes.