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It is possible to place resources at the root of the archive, or to organize them in a hierarchical structure of folders and subfolders.

Usually, resources are organized to reflect the structure of the content in the source content.

The structure of the archive (folders, filenames, etc.) is used as a unique identifier for each book to distinguish between a newly added book and an existing book waiting to be updated. The structure should be consistent over time.

  • Modifying the structure of an archive modifies its identifier and deletes publications instead of updating them.
  • If a resource is present, all its parent folders up to the base directory must be present.
  • References must be valid. If a reference is used in the content, the path provided must be relative to the resource's location. Absolute paths are also accepted. In this case, the base directory is considered as the root node.
  • Relative paths such as the following are not accepted: href=”C:/TechDocs/Images/Drawings/Time-Machine-Parts.svg”
  • Folder and file names are case sensitive.