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External Documents Connector Reference Guide

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The external documents connector relies on the use of a control file.

The following example uploads the official website of Fluid Topics with a short description and title. It also gives the external document some metadata attributes.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <resource lang="en-US">
      <title>Fluid Topics website</title>
      <description>Consolidate your content and connect your customers with the right product knowledge, when and where they need it. Provide relevant, up-to-date, personalized and trusted answers!</description>
        <meta key="content_type">
        <meta key="product">
          <value>Fluid Topics</value>
Elements Required? Description
title No The title of the document in the search result. When not provided, the value of title is the value of originUrl.
originUrl Yes The URL of the document in the search result.
originId No When not provided, the value of originId is the value of originUrl, with :// and slashes replaced by dashes. If the URL ends with a slash, the slash is also not kept.

For example, becomes
description No The description of the document in the search result. Fluid Topics indexes the content of the description, which means that it is possible to search for a word in it.
metas No The metadata of the document.

The previous example produces the following example: