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Enrich and Clean Metadata

Technical Notes

Administrators can use the Enrich and Clean feature to clean metadata.


In a group of DITA documents about gazelles written in American English, all share the metadata key animal_name.

However, different authors defined different values for the key, as shown in the following table:

Document animal_name value
Gazelle Definition Gazelle
Gazelle Etymology and Name springbuck
Gazelle Species antelope
Gazelle Prehistoric Extinctions Antidorcas marsupialis
The greater the number of technical writers working together, the bigger the risk of inconsistencies appearing in naming or spelling.

The following screenshot shows how these values are displayed in Fluid Topics if left uncorrected. Four different occurrences of the same concept generate four values in Fluid Topics.

Erroneous facet values in Fluid Topics search panel

The following screenshot shows what users expect, i.e., the Animal facet with the value Gazelle for all four documents:

Facet values in Fluid Topics search panel after corrections

In practice, administrators must define all the various values of the animal_name metadata key as synonyms of each other as follows:

  • Gazelle=(springbuck, antelope, Antidorcas marsupialis)