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Technical Notes

Built-in metadata come with a predefined metadata key that administrators cannot change. However, administrators can define one or more values for each built-in metadata key.

The characteristics of built-in metadata are as follows:

  • They associate a string value with a key.
  • They begin with ft:, such as ft:title.
  • Fluid Topics generates them automatically based on the information defined in the content.

The table includes all the built-in metadata that Fluid Topics generates for content uploaded to a tenant:

Metadata Description
ft:baseId ID used to build links to a cluster within a topic.
ft:clusterId ID used to cluster different versions of a publication in the Search page.
ft:description Description of a document or topic.
ft:document_type Displays the type of an unstructured document.
ft:editorialType Displays the editorial type of a map (book or article).
ft:filename Name of the file for unstructured documents.
ft:isArticle Is true for documents with ft:editorialType=article, false otherwise.
ft:isAttachment Is true for attachments, false otherwise.
ft:isBook Is true for documents with ft:editorialType=book, false otherwise.
ft:isPublication Is true if the KHub item is a document, false for topics and attachments.
ft:isUnstructured Is true for unstructured documents, false otherwise.
ft:khubVersion Version of Fluid Topics when the document was last processed.
ft:lastEdition Last modification of the content.
ft:lastPublication Last time the document was sent to Fluid Topics.
ft:lastTechChange Last time the document was processed (published, reprocessed, updated).
ft:locale Displays a content locale (country language and region designator).
ft:mimeType Type of the unstructured document content as specified by IANA.
ft:openMode Determines whether a link opens in Fluid Topics (fluidtopics) or in an external page (external). For more information on how to use this metadata, see ft:openMode.
ft:originId Unique ID generated by the connector for a given format in a given source.
ft:prettyUrl Sets a URL for a document or a topic.
ft:publicationId Unique identifier for the publication in the whole KHub.
ft:publication_title For topics: displays the title of the publication.
ft:sourceId ID of the source in which the document or the topic was published.
ft:sourceName Name of the source in which the document was published
ft:sourceType Type of the source in which the document was published
ft:title Title of a document or topic.
ft:topicTitle Title of a topic.

The last edition date is different from the last publication date. For information about how Fluid Topics calculates these values, see Types of Dates in Fluid Topics.

Built-in metadata should have only one value. Multi-valued built-in metadata causes publishing errors.

Built-in metadata is sometimes referred to as semantic metadata.