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At a Glance


This document is intended for Fluid Topics integrators and web designers who have the ADMIN or PORTAL_ADMIN role.

Before proceeding, it is helpful to have a good grasp of the following concepts:

  • Creating HTML pages.
  • Following W3C recommendations for page layout, responsive design, text styling, and CSS properties.

Browser compatibility

Although all common browsers can display standard HTML pages, browsers that support the Web Components standard are most likely to display pages in accordance with designers' intentions. For details about supported browser versions, see Browser recommendations.

Feature overview

The following low-code design tools are available to web designers and integrators:

These design tools are based on the web components standard. Each tool has a WYSIWYG editor offering the following possibilities and more:

  • Drag & drop components.
  • Style each element or block individually.
  • Implement responsive page designs.
  • Create a custom component using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Examples of designed pages are available for download.