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This use case presents a product line made of different versioned items.

Several of these items use a similar metadata key / value pair to declare product versions.

For example, a DITA map for a vacuum cleaner's instructions uses the following vrm element:

<vrm release="vacuum-cleaner" version="1" modification="1"/>

In the same corpus, a DITA map for a dishwasher's instructions uses the following vrm element:

 <vrm release="dishwasher" version="1" modification="2"/>

Both products have the version="1" attribute in common, which makes distinguishing the products based on the vrm_version metadata impossible. Fluid Topics concatenates the attributes of the vrm element to create a single version metadata. For example:

<vrm release="dishwasher" version="1" modification="2"/>



To create facets allowing to precisely select a product and its versions, it is possible to use the Enrich and clean feature to create hierarchical facets.