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A synchronous control file exists alongside content in the same archive, as opposed to an asynchronous control file that exists independently from the content in a separate archive.

It is possible to use a synchronous control file to manage content as follows:

  1. Create a control file, or edit an existing one.
  2. In the <filePath> element, specify the filepath of the DITA map to be modified.
  3. If a DITAVAL is available for the ditamap, specify the DITAVAL's filepath in the <instance> element.
  • For DITA maps with one or more DITAVAL files, it is necessary to target the DITAVAL's <originId> in the <instance> attribute.
  • When at least one <instance> attribute is set, it is no longer possible to target an <originId> in the control file's <resource> element.

When an <instance> attribute is set, modifications apply to every instance, but they do not apply to <topic> nodes.

For an example, see the Update document metadata topic in the Fluid Topics Control File Technical Note.