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By using the outputclass="ft-secondary-toc" attribute, users can make <section> elements, and <dlentry> children elements of <dl> elements appear as topics in a document.

As topics, <section outputclass="ft-secondary-toc"> and <dlentry> children elements of <dl outputclass="ft-secondary-toc"> elements have their own title (and URL):

  • The title of <section> topics is either the content of their <title> child element, or the word "Section" if they are missing a <title>.
  • The title of <dlentry> topics is the content of their <dt> child element.

    If <dlentry> has multiple <dt> children elements, Fluid Topics creates a title containing the content of each <dt> child element, in order. The title separates each value by a vertical bar (|).

Readers can share the topics, bookmark them, add them to personal books, send feedback about them, etc.

It is not possible to use tabbed content inside a <dl outputclass="ft-secondary-toc"> element.