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At a Glance

Business value

Customers may require standalone, offline documentation for reasons such as the following:

  • To comply with security requirements.
  • To consult content offline.
  • To consult content without accessing a Fluid Topics portal.

The Content packager creates packages based on Collections hosted on a Fluid Topics portal. Customers can easily deploy these packages to their own sites or secured networks.

Feature overview

The Content packager creates a ZIP archive of the content contained in a Collection.

The resulting ZIP archive is a lightweight web application with familiar capabilities such as the following:

  • Search in documents.
  • Filter search results.
  • Select a deep link for inline and context sensitive help.
  • Similar look and feel based on the same CSS as the turnkey portal.

Customers can ship the ZIP archive with their products and deploy it as needed.



Once an administrator has made a package available, users can download it and share it as they wish.

The following resources contain more information about the Content packager: