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Feedback provides an important communication channel between readers and content managers. When readers submit feedback, Fluid Topics sends an email to the email address(es) configured in the Recipients section of the Feedback administration interface.

Out of the box, Fluid Topics does not provide a mechanism to transform a feedback message into a Jira ticket assigned to a member of a company's team. This is intentional, since many companies have various case management tools and processes already in place, and a catch-all, out-of-the-box solution would be unlikely to meet diverse needs.

In this article, Jira administrators can learn how to implement a custom solution that consists in setting up a system to automatically create a Jira ticket with the content of each feedback email received. The following image illustrates the components and workflow of such as system:

Transform a feedback message into a Jira ticket

Once the system is operational, feedback tickets appear among the team member's pending Jira tickets in the backlog as follows:

Feedback ticket in a team member's Jira backlog

The following image shows how the sender's original feedback message appears along with information about the feedback reporter and assignee: