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At a Glance

Business value

Clustering means grouping publications or topics based on shared metadata.

Once documents are clustered together, it is possible to use the switch to relatives feature to easily select a specific version of a publication (based on the language, version, audience, etc.)

It allows content publishers to organize and manage content efficiently.

Feature overview

Fluid Topics clusters publications and topics using the ft:clusterId built-in metadata key.

Declare the same ft:clusterId in a selection of documents or topics to group them in the Search page, where readers can select a variant.


It is necessary to set a ft:clusterId metadata key and to declare a common value to cluster documents or topics together.

How to add the ft:clusterId metadata key for the following formats:


In this example, all Fluid Topics Configuration and Administration Guides are clustered together as follows:

Clustered documents

Selecting Choose among variants opens a drawer to select a specific variant (internal or public, 4.2 or Latest, etc.).

Clustered documents