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To trigger a direct export and upload from Author-it to Fluid Topics, it is necessary to assign values to the following variables:

  • <FLUIDTOPICS_source>

The steps are as follows:

  1. In the Set Assignments menu of the Author tab, select the appropriate variable.
  2. Assign values to each variable as in the following example:

      • https://$YOUR_FLUIDTOPICS_PORTAL/api/admin/khub/sources/<FLUIDTOPICS_source>/upload
    • <FLUIDTOPICS_source>
      • AuthoritMagellan
  • The value of the <FLUIDTOPICS_URL> variable must not end with a slash (/).
  • The value of the FLUIDTOPICS_SOURCE variable must match the source ID configured for the Author-it Magellan source in the Sources administration interface.