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Directly exporting content from Author-it to Fluid Topics is one of the main benefits of Author-it Magellan content. However, it is also possible to manually publish this content to Fluid Topics.

  1. Right-click the content to publish.
  2. Select the Publish To option to display the list of available publishing formats.
  3. Select the Fluid Topics publishing format.
  4. Select the variant values (version, language, etc.) of the document to upload to Fluid Topics.
  5. Select OK to start the export.

    A window opens to track the status of the execution of the cURL command.

  6. Download the .zip archive in the Publishing menu.

  7. Upload it to a Fluid Topics portal.

Users with the ADMIN, KHUB_ADMIN, or CONTENT_PUBLISHER role can publish Author-it content to Fluid Topics. CONTENT_PUBLISHER users must have permission to publish content through an Author-it source.

It is also possible to use the Upload content web service.