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At a Glance

Business value

A documentation portal's primary purpose is delivering content. However, not all data should be visible to all visitors.

Access rights provide a means to control access to content.

Feature overview

Users with the appropriate rights can create access rules at the document level.

Fluid Topics also supports the following authentication methods to provide additional content security:

  • Internal realm
  • LDAP realm
  • SSO realm
  • Mapping based on an external data source
Refer to Secure Access to Technical Content for details and access rights use cases.


Fluid Topics provides different administration roles for access-related tasks.

  • Administrators with the USERS_ADMIN role can manage users and groups, create users on the internal realm, and assign feature roles to users.
  • Administrators with the PORTAL_ADMIN role can manage authentication related settings.
  • Administrators with the KHUB_ADMIN role can configure access rules.
See the list of user roles for more information about roles in Fluid Topics.


Access rights, administrator-defined rules, user roles, and authentication ensure that content uploaded to a Fluid Topics portal is available only to appropriate users or user groups.