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When upgrading FluidTopics, the following reinstallation command raises a conflict:

yum reinstall antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptors

antidot-fmtl-connector-filters-afd package conflicts with antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptors-1:3.4.33-4.noarch.

Impact(s) on users

  • The package is not reinstalled. Upgrading to the new version of Fluid Topics is not possible.
  • End-users will not be able to benefit from the latest version of Fluid Topics.

Possible root cause(s)

This issue might occur when:

  • Package dependencies are different in the new packages that they are in the old installed ones. In our case, the antidot-fmtl-connector-filters-afd package has been merged into antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptors.
  • RHEL 7 yum package management tool does not handle conflicting packages correctly unlike Debian apt-get.


The incriminated packages need to be removed and reinstalled, that is to say all packages concerned by the dependency change.

Example of dependency modification inducing the removal and reinstallation of packages:

Old package A
|_ Dependency 1
Old package B
|_ Dependency 2

New package A
New package B
|_ Dependency 1
|_ Dependency 2

  1. Remove the old conflicting packages by running the following commands:

    As root user

    yum remove antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptors
    yum remove antidot-fluidtopics-indexing

    As these packages are removed, all their dependencies are removed as well.

  2. Reinstall these packages by running the following commands:

    As root user

    yum clean all
    yum upgrade
    yum install antidot-fluidtopics-indexing
    yum install antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptors

  3. In this specific case, as there was a dependency on antidot-fluidtopics-indexing, reinstall all PaFs on the Indexing server:

    As antidot user

    /usr/local/afs7/bin/ft_install_pafs -s $SERVICE_ID -S $SERVICE_STATUS -H $BACK_OFFICE_HOST --ws-login $BACK_OFFICE_LOGIN --ws-password $BACK_OFFICE_PASSWORD