Manage the tenant configuration directory - Fluid Topics - 4.2

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In the context of a multiple-server installation, all the files listed in this section are required on the Front and Indexing servers.

The tenant configuration files are located in a dedicated directory for each tenant:


The following configuration files are required:

  • conf.json: defines business parameters (tenant name, data input type, etc.)
  • vhost.conf.json: indicates the domain name used to access the Fluid Topics portal

The following additional files or directories may also be needed depending on the environment:

  • groups.conf.json: indicates user/group mapping
  • public: a folder to host files exposed and accessible via the Fluid Topics portal. This folder can contain images, fonts, scripts, styles, etc., such as the following:
    • custom.less: contains variable values and additional CSS rules that are injected into portal pages to customize their appearance
    • fonts: customized fonts
    • images: logos, backgrounds, images, etc.
  • SAML configuration files: all mandatory files required to set up SAML-based authentication.

The files enabling communication between servers are located in a “-“ directory.

The following files are required:

  • mongo.conf.json: declares MongoDB hosts and authentication required to access them.
  • ws.conf.json: declares Back Office and PDF Server hosts and authentication required to access the Back Office.

All resources (e.g., configuration files, public images, etc.,) can also be located in the "/usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/conf/-" special directory. They are factorized and shared between all tenants and statuses present on the server. However, copying the shared resources in each tenant directory is recommended.

Files stored in the public folder must have one of the accepted file extensions.

Files are not located in the same place weither they are related to tenant or not

Example of a configuration directory structure:

user@host:/usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/conf$ tree
├── -
│ └── ws.conf.json
│ ├── conf.json <-- (3)
│ ├── vhost.conf.json
│ ├── public
│ │ └── custom.less
│ ├── conf.json

The conf.json can be split into fragments and distributed over different directory tree levels. Fluid Topics merges all matching files to validate the finalized configuration.

For a tenant, files are read at the following path:

  • conf/$TENANT_ID/conf.json

A file installed in a public directory and declared with my-directory/my-file.txt in the configuration directory of a tenant is searched for via the following path:

  • conf/$TENANT_ID/public/my-directory/my-file.txt

Access URL

It is possible to access public files at the following URL:


Where $PATH corresponds to the files' path in the public directory.

The file is opened in the browser window. If the format is not supported by the browser, the file is automatically downloaded.

In the context of a multi-server installation, the structure of the configuration directory must be identical ON ALL SERVERS except the one(s) only hosting the MongoDB environment.