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Deploying Global Presence can have a certain number of impacts on the user experience. For example, if a user is in the process of creating a user asset during an interruption in service, they will be notified that the asset was not successfully saved.

During data center redirection, there are no specific error messages to notify the user about any unexpected behavior that may occur. Depending on the context, the user may encounter an HTTP 504 error code or a message informing them that their content (Personal Book, Collection) is not currently available.

All attempts to upload content during data center redirection are interrupted and compromised, even if the PaF appears to finish correctly. It is necessary to reupload this content once indexation becomes available. If a user attempts to reprocess content while indexation is paused, there should be no negative impact.

The fact that the MongoDB cluster is distributed across all three data centers means that it is highly unlikely that two servers are unavailable simultaneously. For more information about server availability, see the AWS User Guide for Linux Instances.

During the deployment phase, it may be necessary to pause indexation for a tenant. To avoid losing data, it is important to define a deployment time frame with the Customer Success team. Alternatively, it is possible to submit a request to intentionally make service unavailable while indexation is paused.