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Fluid Topics Global Presence is available to SaaS clients and requires a subscription.

Global Presence consists of a ready-to-use, robust and efficient multi-server deployment across three data centers, strategically positioned as follows:

  1. A primary data center in Europe (Vitry, France).
  2. An edge data center in North America (Ohio, United States).
  3. An edge data center in Asia (Tokyo, Japan).

When accessing the portal, the user is automatically connected to a server in the closest available data center. As a result, each HTTP query is 200 ms faster on average than with a standard multiple-server installation. All information is replicated in real time in all three locations, and it is possible to push or alter content from any data center. If any of the three data centers becomes unavailable, the server's load balancer redirects the user to the second-closest available data center.

- The Fluid Topics team welcomes requests from customers who wish to customize the infrastructure to include data centers in other regions of the world.

Example of a data center redirection

If the North American data center becomes unavailable, a user based in Hawaii is redirected to the edge data center in Asia, and a user based in Boston is redirected to the one in Europe. This ensures that the portal remains accessible in the event of a local network disruption.

- Redirecting to the next best server takes about two minutes and requires 10-30 seconds of inactivity on the portal. During this time, the user may encounter unexpected behavior while navigating the portal.

- If redirected to another data center, users with the ADMIN or ANALYTICS_USER role may observe that the Analytics page takes longer to load. This is a known issue and is being addressed.