Modify log level - Fluid Topics - 4.2

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The default log levels configured in the log configuration file are as follows:

<logger name="net.antidot" level="INFO"/>
<logger name="net.antidot.fluidtopics.server.spring.webmvc/exceptions.ExceptionResolver" level="ERROR"/>
<logger name="net.antidot.fluidtopics.server.spring.filters.RouterIOLoggerFilter" level="DEBUG"/>

It is possible to raise or lower the log level as follows:

  1. As root user, access either the default log configuration file or the custom one.
  2. Define one of the following values for the level parameter of the logger whose level should be modified:
    • DEBUG: strongest log level
    • INFO: medium log level
    • WARN: lowest log level

Restart the Fluid Topics server by running the following command:

As root user

etc/init.d/fluidtopics restart

Restarting the Fluid Topics server is mandatory in order for the new log level to take effect.