SVG images processing improvements - Fluid Topics - 4.2

What's new in v4.2

Release Notes

Converting SVG images to other formats does not always yield the expected result, especially when reducing the dimensions of the image to generate a thumbnail for example.

By default, and to ensure a similar result with all image formats, Fluid Topics transforms all images into a web-oriented format, namely PNG.

As some customers were experiencing issues on small SVG images for which the transformation was not always successful, we decided to keep the SVGs under 40 kB in their original format. This threshold could change in the future.

If an image bigger than 40 kB is not correctly transformed, it is now possible to force Fluid Topics to inline it to ensure its accuracy. The SVG image simply needs an attribute called data-ft-inline as documented here.

We have also enhanced the processing of SVGs containing embedded images, especially in DITA and added support for external links.