Preface - Fluid Topics - 4.2

What's new in v4.2

Release Notes

Fluid Topics is proud to announce the launch of version 4.2. This release contains the latest improvements concerning:

  • Taruqa: our language model-based search engine is now active on all tenants; the search bar is directly available on the Reader page.

  • Page designer enhancements: new possibilities such as the upload/download of designed elements and assets, shared components, and localized labels are now available. The Reader designer and Search results designer are now available in alpha version.

  • New case deflection component: lets users ask questions and redirects them to the relevant documentation before opening a support ticket if necessary.

  • Connector improvements: new microservices-based architecture, OpenAPI connector improvements, addition of metadata inheritance, SVG images enhancements, content-agnostic utility to automatically publish content to Fluid Topics.

  • New analytics screens: Page views and Internal navigation.