Page Design enhancements - Fluid Topics - 4.2

What's new in v4.2

Release Notes

The major features are:

  • An upload/download feature for all designed pages and assets. It is now possible to export or import designed pages between tenants. It is also possible to use this feature as a backup system for designed pages.

  • Shared components: design a component once and reuse at will. This is a straightforward way to maintain designed components in a centralized manner and to apply changes to all pages.

  • Localization: it is now possible to configure pages for an international audience using the following two options (which may also be combined):

    • Option 1: The design of a page differs depending on the language and administrators can create one page per language.

    • Option 2: The design of a page is the same for all languages. In this use case, administrators can use localized components in the designed page and translate the labels using the keys system defined in the translation files. This process is based on the current Languages mechanism.

For more details, read our documentation.

In addition to the stable release of the Page Designer in the v4.1 of Fluid Topics, we are laying the foundation for letting you freely design other parts of the UI:

  • The Reader designer gradually integrates new components for a personalized reading experience.

  • The Search results designer contains components such as the search bar, the search results, filters, action blocks... so it is possible to fully customize every bit of the design.

The Reader designer and the Search results designer are currently in alpha version and benefit from ongoing improvements.