HTTPS keys and certificate creation - Fluid Topics - 4.1

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To configure a secured connection using the HTTPS protocol, go through the following steps:

  1. Create a Jira ticket with the domain name set up via the DNS.
  2. Antidot will generate a private key to encrypt/decrypt data sent between the server and the connecting clients.
  3. Antidot will generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) containing information about the domain name, along with additional data. Antidot will sign this CSR using the private key.
  4. Antidot will provide the CSR as an attachment to the Jira ticket.
  5. Get an SSL/TLS certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) using the provides CSR.
  6. Create a new Jira ticket containing the SSL/TLS certificate.
  7. Antidot will configure the web server(s) hosting Fluid Topics to use the SSL/TLS certificate and private key for encryption.
  8. Both the customer and Antidot will check that the SSL/TLS setup works properly by visiting the Fluid Topics tenant using HTTPS to verify that the padlock icon confirming that the connection is encrypted does appear.