Page Designer stable version - Fluid Topics - 4.1

What's new in V4.1

Release Notes

We are making regular improvements to the Page Designer, taking feedback into account, improving the Component template editors, and adding attributes to components. After months of work, we are now ready to release it as a stable version. For those already using the Page Designer in production, we won’t break any compatibility when switching from the beta version to the stable version.

To show you the multiple possibilities, we have attached examples of designed pages to the Page Designer documentation. Just upload the examples in your portal to check how it looks and see how quickly you can create a brand-new homepage.

We have also taken a new step by introducing a Component Designer that enables you to create reusable templated components and choose which template is applied and when.

To begin with, the first type of component template available is the Search results component, to be used in the homepage or in custom pages.