Analytics - Fluid Topics - 4.1

What's new in V4.1

Release Notes

We have introduced three new reports to leverage your understanding of the portal usage over time:

  • Content inventory to accurately visualize how the number of documents, topics and map attachments evolve.

  • Events traffic to check how users engage with the content, displaying documents, topics, searching results, sending feedback, creating personal books... Please note that this dashboard will be regularly enhanced with new events, to be as close as possible to the users’ actions.

  • A new user centric dashboard to let you see the evolution of user assets over time: how many bookmarks, personal books and personal topics, saved searches, alerts, and collections are stored in your portal? How do users' assets evolve? Check the User assets report to get the answers.

As usual, the export to XLSX is included in the reports, and the public API is available to retrieve the data.

We’ve also implemented new events. Fluid Topics now tracks:

  • When a page is displayed: the homepage, designed pages, the Search page, the Reader page for structured and unstructured documents, and analytics pages.

  • When user assets are created: bookmarks, collections, saved searches.

The corresponding dashboards are in progress, and you can already access these events through our web service: