Check fluidtopics-pdf-server daemon - Fluid Topics - 3.7

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

The Fluid Topics PDF server daemon is expected for either the front server, the indexer server, or one of the other available servers. Check that the Fluid Topics PDF Server daemon is running on one of these servers by using the following command:

As root user

systemctl status fluidtopics-pdf-server

The following result is expected:

‚óŹ fluidtopics-pdf-server.service - Fluid Topics Pdf Server
Active: active (running) since mar. 2018-11-13 14:11:06 UTC; 496ms ago

The PID number is randomly assigned to an operation and does not have to match the documentation.

If the Fluid Topics PDF server is not running, use the following command:

As root user

systemctl start fluidtopics-pdf-server