Upload XSLT stylesheets to transform data - Fluid Topics - 3.7

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

Fluid Topics needs the source format to be transformed into HTML in order to enable web output. Saxon uses Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) stylesheets to transform Author-it Magellan content into HTML.

By opening the Attachments tab of the sidebar, it is possible to download the files Saxon needs to perform the transformation as follows:

  • The Web.xslt file.
  • The Web_Fluidtopics.xslt file.

After downloading the files, it is necessary to upload them in the Author-it file directory. The directory's structure must be as follows:

  • \\$SERVER_NAME\$SHARE_NAME\data\templates\transformations\Web.xslt
  • \\$SERVER_NAME\$SHARE_NAME\data\templates\transformations\Web_Fluidtopics.xslt

The other two files attached to this document are necessary to configure the Fluid Topics publishing profiles and to configure user information if opting for the direct export and upload publishing method.