Used Facet Values for Most Frequent Queries - Fluid Topics - 3.3

Analytics for Fluid Topics

Technical Notes

Fluid Topics has an advanced option to consult analytics on the most frequent queries made by the users.

On the Queries tab, select "Most frequent queries":

Analytics MFQ

The list of most frequent queries is displayed as a table divided as follows:

  1. Rank: The rank of the query, starting from the most frequently searched, for the given time period.
  2. Expression: The term searched by the user.
  3. Query: The comprehensive content of the query made by the user. The details of the query are explained below.
  4. Hits: The occurrence of the query for the given time period.

You can consult the details of the query by hovering the content of the "Query" column:

Analytics MFQ hover

In this example, the query shows that the user tried to consult publications/topics for the searched term "test", but only for publications tagged as Technical Notes for the v3.1 of Fluid Topics.