Configure emails - Fluid Topics - 3.10

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

In the case of an on-premises installation, the following file is preset and is automatically provided by means of the antidot-fluidtopics-standalone installation package given by Antidot.

The server.conf file can be used to configure email settings (the parameters used for email validation when a user registers, for saved search Alert notifications, and so on).

The server.conf file can also be used to override the parameters stored in the application.conf file. These two files are located in the same directory: /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/web/conf/

Do not modify any parameter in the application.conf file. Modifications can be lost by file overriding when updating Fluid Topics later on.

In the application.conf file, the default fluidtopics.mailsender value is set to "". This value must be changed in the server.conf file to the email address of your choice. This setting is highly recommended for On Premises customers.

To configure email settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Edit the following file:

    As antidot user


  2. Add the following lines:

    # Fluid topics

    The SMTP server address and the email sender value are the responsibility of the customer.

In our example, the server.conf is set as follows:

# Mail
# Fluid topics

The server.conf file is required to register an account on the Fluid Topics portal.

The fluidtopics daemon must be restarted for this modification to be correctly taken into account. Run the following command:

As root user

systemctl restart fluidtopics

Users installing Fluid Topics on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) server are invited to refer to Amazon Simple Email Service.