ft_stash_logs - Fluid Topics - 3.10

Install Fluid Topics on a Single Server

Operating system
Technical Notes

The ft_stash_logs script is used to stash log files of ALL Fluid Topics related components into a .zip archive.

Command template:

ft_stash_logs [-o $OUTPUT_FILES] [--only-latest-files] [--components {$COMPONENT_FAMILY}] [-v] [-h]

Command example:

ft_stash_logs -o /tmp/logs.zip --components {afs-host,afs-reply,web-server}

Command arguments:

  • -o: Expects the path of the output file. Can also be written --output-file.
  • --only-latest-files: Forces the command to only take into account the latest files (ignores rotated files).
  • --components: Expects the components families for which the logs must be retrieved, among the following items:
    • afs-host,
    • afs-reply,
    • web-server,
    • apache,
    • data-processing,
    • bo,
    • system,
    • database

      Multiple components must be declared as follows: {component1,component2, component3,etc.}

  • -h: Displays the help and lists all available optional arguments for the command. Can also be written --help.

  • -v: Activates verbose mode. Can also be written --verbose.

The script is available in the antidot-fluidtopics-reply package.