Get an unstructured document's title - Fluid Topics - 3.1

Integrate the Fluid Topics API

Technical Notes

The List Unstructured Documents web service returns a list of all unstructured documents available on the Fluid Topics server:


- User rights are taken into account when the appropriate Authorization header is provided, otherwise only public results are returned. Before Fluid Topics v3.4.12, Fluid Topics systematically used a prefixed version of the header: FT-Authorization. From Fluid Topics v3.4.12, both prefixed and not prefixed headers work.

- Clustering is not available for this web service.

After listing the unstructured documents, it is possible to use endpoints to retrieve more information about a document. The following lines show an example of the List Unstructured Documents web service implementation in Python.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import requests
FT_SERVER_URL = 'https:// <host>/<serviceId>/<status>/'

DOCUMENTS_ENDPOINT = '/api/khub/documents'

HEADERS = {'FT-Authorization': 'Basic ...'}

def crawl_documents():

def crawl_document(document_preview):
URL = FT_SERVER_URL + document_preview['documentApiEndpoint']

Use a REST Client tool like Postman to retrieve the Basic authentication key as in the following illustration: The Basic authentication key can be retrieved using Postman